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केन्द्रीय विद्यालय, मऊ
Kendriya Vidyalaya, MAU
(An Autonomous body under MHRD) Government Of India
CBSE School Code - 08993, CBSE Affiliation- 2100081
Scouts, Guides and N.C.C


                                स्काउट और गाइड की रिपोर्ट

1.Ourvidyalaya unit is broadly   divided into two groups cubs & bulbuls and scout and guides . Further the scouts & guides unit has been divided into six troops and two troops of guides.

Captain have been allotted troops for training their troops. These activities take place on every Friday during morning assembly.

2.As per the monthly programme four troop meeting took place in vidyalaya on holidays(Sunday)

3.”Thinking Day” was celebrated on 22 Feb.2015.

4.following  rallies and special days were also observed through a road safety rally by the unit of scouts & guides

Of this vidyalaya.

A.”Save environment Day”

B.”World Population Day”

C.”RoadSafty Week”


5.Investiture ceremony of 52 scouts & guides and 47 guides took place in vidyalaya in which Caps, Badges,

Scarf,wogal,Belts were distributed among them.

6. PrathamSopan and Dwitiya Sopan testing Camps were organized in the vidyalaya for 51 scouts and 43 guides.

And certificates were distributed.

7. 13 Scouts went for Tritiya Sopan Testing Camps held at KV BHU Campus at Varanasi.

8. Four scout went for RajyaPuraskar testing Camp at KV Old Cantt. Allahabad.

9. We Celebrated Bharat Scout & Guide Flag Day on 7th Nov.2014 with great pomp And show.

10.Important Days which were observed by the unit of Scout & Guide of the vidyalaya :

A.International Day against Drug abuse& illicit Trafficking

B.World Forest Day

C.World Population Day/ Test for Pravesh

D.Independence Day celebration



G.World Literacy Day

H.Panchmarhi Day

I.International Peace Day

J.International Day of Elderly Persons

K.World Aid Day

L.Human Rights Day

M.KVS Foundation Day

N.Youth Day

O.Lord Baden Powel’s  Birthday, Cooking in the open, Thinking Day

P.International Women’s Day


11.Our Scout & Guide Team of five students participated in Regional  level social science Exhibition

in Drama also.