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केन्द्रीय विद्यालय, मऊ
Kendriya Vidyalaya, MAU
(An Autonomous body under MHRD) Government Of India
CBSE School Code - 08993, CBSE Affiliation- 2100081
CMP Initiative


  1. Funday Celebration
  • Yoga Celebration Pictures
  • English Conversation
  • Games


  2. CCE progress of the work and quality----Progress as per KVS guidelines. Teaching learning. Process as

per split of syllabus.

  1. Any project work under taken in kv  ---     Model, chart  and use of ICT preparation.
  2. Innovation if any                                    Improvement of English conversation and CD prepared.
  3. CMP programme for the month  -----      The students were benefited to see the films- Dweep ka   

     rahasay, Dhumketu , Sunday and TV Show Programme.


  1. CCA  brief report on any special   ------    Group song competition


  1. Games and sports activities          -------    Kho- Kho Competetion House Wise Final.
  2. All the teachers of primary section are working as per instruction are given by the principal .


(1)Activity Based Teaching:- All the teachers of Primary Section are teaching to the student on activity based.The concerned topic photograph is being sent to you by e.mail. They are also teaching to the students through LCD projector.

(2) Preparing Model and Project:- The Students are preparing model and project concerned teaching In the guidance of teachers.

(3) Film Show Programme:- The Students are benefited to the different types of films in the guidance of H.M. in whole session for the year 2018-19

(4) The Excursion/Educational Tour:-  The classes 5th A,B,C total 124 Students went for excursion at Ghazipur. They saw the temple of Baba Haridas and the tomb of Lord Karmwalis 

(5)The Celebration of Grand Parents Day:- The Grand Parents Day was celebrate in our Vidyalaya with pomp and show .

(6) Celebration of Independence Day and Republic Day:- The Independence day will be Celebrated on 15/08/2018 and Republic Day will be celebrated on 26/01/2018 with cultural programme by the Students.

(7) Bal Diwas  /Childrens Day / Hindi Pakhwara : - The Children’s Day programme will be celebrated on 14/11/2018. The student represented all programme concerned Children’s Day activities and Hindi Pakhwara.

(8) C.C.A. Activities:- All the C.C.A. activities were done in the whole session as per calendar of 2014-15.

(9) Games and Sports Activities:- All the games and sports activities were organized time to time as per calendar of 2018-19 .

(10) Cubs/Bulbul  B.S& Guide Programme:-  Cubs/Bulbul  B.S & Guide Programes were done in the school time to time. 

(11) P.T.A. Meeting:- The P.T.A. Meeting was done just after F.A.I, F.A.III, S.A.I examination in the year 2018-19

(12) Distribution of books under R.T.E. Students:-The books were provided to under RTE admitted students on 1/04/2018 by the Vidyalaya.

(13) Medical check up :- The students Medical check up is not decided

(14) School cleanliness Programme :- The School cleanliness programme was done time to time as per instruction of D.C.KVS R.O. Varanasi.